Department of Ophthalmology
Gokuldas and Tejpal hospital
FACULTY: -Dr. Neeta Bajaj Gawhale – Headoftheunit
-Dr. Gaurav Maurya – CR
-Dr. Santosh Khokle – JR2
-Mr. Mukhtar Ali (-paraophthalmicassistant)
OPD DAYS: Monday / Wednesday / Friday
LOCATION OF OPD: Room no20, firstfloor, OPD building,
GT Hospital
OPDTiming: -8:30 am to 1:00 PM
IPD: ward 11, Nursing Home
IPDstrength: -30 Beds
Facilities: -Refractive correction,
-Eye checkup and Ophthalmoscopy
-Medical Board and certificates,
-Foreign body removal and surgery
-Squinte valuation and synaptophore exercise& Surgery,
-Glaucomae valuation and Surgery,
-Cataract Examination and Surgery,
-Pterygium Surgery,
-Chalazion surgery,
-Entropion and Ectropion services
-Trauma and emergency
Special Services 1)Free spectacle (Bysocial bodies
through out year)
-Free spectacle
Teaching- Casepresentation
Programmes- -Lecture
-Research and publication
-OPD procedure training
CME -Glaucoma
Contactno -022-22621464/65/66
Extension Eye OPD no-1349
POSITION: Dr. Neeta Bajaj Gawhale
– Head of Unit. Dept.of Ophthalmology, GTHospital
– MBBS MS Ophthalmology, fellowship of ICLEP
– Member of all India ophthalmology society
– Research, Articles and publicationsin
– National & International journals,
– university Approved Teacher and examiner for postgraduate and fellowship.
– Paper Presentation in all India conference’s

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