Dr Vishwanath Pujari Associate Professor and HOU 8380071830
Dr Madhav Dawkore Assistant Professor 9294197549
Dr Shantanu Patil JRIII 9284042226
Dr Ashwin Unni JRIII 9766455856
Dr Sarumati JRII 8237517968
Dr Vishal Hanwate JRII 8754919321
Dr Ayana Balkrishnan JRII 7994918991
Dr Suraj Isankar JRII 7721842568

Conferences attended:

  1. 14th 15th March 22: Spirometry Workshop, Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai: attended by all JR1
  2. Capacity Building on counseling skills organized by USAID 29-30th Aug 22: attended by Ward 7 staff nurses OPD 6 Staff Nurse and resident doctors
  3. 21st Oct 22: Meeting for Centre of Excellence DRTB at New Delhi attended by Dr V V Pujari
  4. 8—9-10th Nov 22: NAPCON attended by JRIII


  1. Drug Resistance Patterns and treatment outcomes in DRTB patients at a tertiary care center in Mumbai: Dr Sanchit Mohan, Dr V Pujari, Dr P L Meshram (Accepted for Publication in Indian Journal of Tuberculosis)
  2. To study indications, outcomes and complications of NIV in Acute respiratory Failure. Dr Sanchit Mohan, Dr V Pujari, Dr P L Meshram: accepted for publication in Panacea Journal of Medical sciences in August 23 issue.

January 2022-December 2022:

  1. OPD patients:8250
  2. IPD patients:459
  3. Bronchoscopies:117
  4. PFTs: 940

Plan for 2023:

  1. Establishment of DRTB ward
  2. Seminar for World TB Day (24th March 23)