Name of Department: Physiotherapy
Date: 24th January 2023
Head of the Unit: Physiotherapist
Name of the Therapist: Prachi Vinay Sohani
Contact No.  : 8424057553
Email Id :

Work done in past one year: (1.1.2022 to 31.12.2022)

Total no of OPD = 6436
Total no of  IPD = 462
Total no of Patients = 6898

Individual as well as Departmental achievements:

a. Orientation to Nursing Students regarding Physiotherapy department’s modalities and exercise therapy.
b. Electrotherapy treatment and Exercise therapy Treatment for daily OPD and IPD Patients.
c. Maintaining Indoor and Outdoor patients records
d. Guidance to Nursing students regarding paper preparation for

  1. Effects of exercises on low back ache
  2. Effects of exercises on Menstrual Pain

e. Maintaining well-equipped Physiotherapy department with below listed modalities and exercise machines:

  1. Short ware diathermy soo Watt. (SWD)
  2. infra-red Lamps (IR Lamps)
  3. Paraffin ware Bath (PWB)
  4. Hot-Packs
  5. Cold Packs
  6. Ultrasound Machine
  7. Transcutaneous Electric Narre stimulation (TENS)
  8. Mechanical traction
  9. Electric Cervical and Lumbar traction (Triton)
  10. IFT
  11. Laser
  12. Digital Stimulator
  13. Neo Therapy
  14. Knee CPM
  15. Walking assist treadmill
  16. Elliptical Machine
  17. Pasteral drainage bed
  18. Mobilization bed
  19. Suspension Therapy
  20. Shoulder Pulley and Heel, Ladder
  21. Parallel walking Bar
  22. Steps and Ladder
  23. Balancing boards
  24. Rowing Machine
  25. Static Cycle

Exceptional and challenging cases treated:

  1. Post operative spinal cases with paraplegia
  2. Post covid patient for chest and limb physiotherapy
  3. plastic surgery referrers cases like. eg. TFL reconstruction, Tendon repair and reconstruction
  4. Cardio pulmonary referred cases
  5. Pre and post-op scoliosis cases treatment

CME’S Conducted: N.A