Department of Blood Bank
Gokuldas and Tejpal hospital
FDA License No. 1061
Valid upto 31/12/2021
Location: 2nd floor, OPD building, G.T. Hospital, L T Marg,
Mumbai 400001
Phone: 022-22621468, 022-22621465 (ext-1351)
Product- “ Whole Human Blood IP”
Services: Availability of Whole Blood only,
Blood grouping,
Compatibility Test,
Direct Coomb test,
Indirect Coomb test.
Blood collection: In blood donation camps, 100% voluntary
Time: 24 hrs open & working
Dr. Vikas Maindad: Incharge Blood Bank & Associate Professor (Path)
Dr Usha Yadav: B.T.O
Dr.Amit Suryawanshi: B.T.O
Dr. Pritam Shilwant: B.T.O
Dr. Vivek Karad: B.T.O