Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organized by the Department in the last 2 years

Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organized
1. CME (held under aegis of IADVL Maharashtra) 8th September 2017
2. Hair Transplantation Workshop HAIR QUEST 1 3,4th February 2018
3. CME (held under aegis of IADVL Maharashtra) 24th August 2018
Ongoing Research:
Sr.No. Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1. A study of clinical, dermatoscopical and histological evaluation of Facial acanthosis nigricans and correlation of its severity with markers of metabolic syndrome : Dr Usha N Khemani 2017-2019 Done
2. Dr Usha N Khemani Working as an Principle Investigator in a “A prospective clinical study of efficacy and safety of UVA1 phototherapy (whole body and targeted UVA1) in Fitzpatrick  skin types III-VI for various skin diseases” 2014-2019 Done
3. Efficacy and Safety of Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser for Keratosis Pillars in Indian patients : Dr Manjeet Ramteke 1 year Done
4. Cutaneous manifestations in substance use disorders: Dr. Manjeet Ramteke 1 year Done