I’ve checked down a condos that are few the BGC (‘the Fort’) and Two Serendra is arguably top as it has got the most facilities

I’ve checked down a condos that are few the BGC (‘the Fort’) and Two Serendra is arguably top as it has got the most facilities

Most readily useful Condo into the BGC? Two Serendra

Thats a large amount for BGC. Usually you wont get more than a shoebox studio for BGC proper.

You can decent accomodations for under 20k in the Vienna Piazza area of Taguig if you wanna save more and dont mind a 30min walk to bgc. Stamford residences etc.

Was thinking about living here but company is moving once again.

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Appears like a life that is great! Can there be a Thai equivalent? Some sort of community place you need that one could live that has everything? I’m sure a whole lot of other Millennials similar to this “college campus style life that is

dont have a exact answer but its eady as shit to get in bkk. in reality its not t important because every thing in thailand is value. its less essential to list accurate place, in factcr you are able to just stay month very long at the resort, as long asd its off period they ll give you g d rates, you will be charged lower than an appartment in the phimippines. , no need to signal mong leases and shit if you stay lrss when compared to a 12 months. and you cant remain more than three months. exactly what are you going to do, allow your entire material in a flat while ypu do a visacrun and therefore are not really sure to have the ability to keep coming back? oh, and btw, millenials are homosexual. you te here to screw neighborh d talent, not mingle with homosexual swpl. accomplish that in NYC.

Rhythm Ratchada condo comes to mind, many individuals chilling by the r ftop p l once I examined it down, huge spot, 32 fl rs, garden

Or Supalai park I lived at before has 3 towers, huge gymnasium, tennis, squash, sauna, 5 restaurants downstairs, not much need to ever leave – https //nomadphilippines /cheap-condo-bangkok-dating

The Base On Nut has basketball / 5 a part soccer pitch, 7/11, big garden areas, huge p l/gym

Rhythm l ks pretty nice t . And it’s merely a 30 minute commute to Nana by metro. All condo web sites take shit gym pictures though. Who would like to see photos of treadmills. Every gym includes a treadmill machine. Show me the extra weight rack playa. https // hipflat.co.th/en/bangkok/condo/rhythm-ratchada

Most nicer condos in BKK have a fitness center and a p l + some certain area to chill.

I prefer Eight Thonglor for example

Complete scale supermarket + multiple restaurants in the building + p l + area etc that is outd r.

Fundamentally a place you don’t need certainly to necessarily leave if you’re a recluse.

Thats the site for the mall that is small the building 8thonglor /

It’s kinda costly though. About 40k baht for a small 1BR.

The gym photos aren’t very clear on the site. $1100 may seem like plenty. I’ve stayed in Thong lo before. I’m uncertain exactly what the appeal is. The best thing that it just seems like a street to me haha about it is that a lot of expats live in the area, but besides. We just had been there for the few days though so I don’t really know excessively in regards to the area.

Some bars that are nice restaurants in your community. It is where in fact the thais that are rich homes. That’s what you purchase serviced apartment kind mall residing in the region.

Ashton Morph is probably the nicest condo in the region though with duplex studios from 30k.

Nichada Thani is just a community that is gated it’s 30min from downtown BKK. It has a few condo structures with big 4BR condos and mostly homes which start at about 50k a month, which is pretty ok for the house in BKK.

If you’re a straightforward guy and desire to invest the amount that is least of cash as a result of low savings or uncertain earnings, Ideo Mobi Rama 9 is decent value from about 12k.

Garden, p l, gym etc. by having a coffeeshop and convenience shop on site and a stroll accross a shitty intersection far from a mall that is huge.

Some individuals can’t manage surviving in lower sukhumvit (I like it!) because of the h kers, touts, ladyboys, africans attempting to sell medications, arabs Gamer quality singles dating site login etc., Thonglor is close by (couple miles) but simply far away that the ambience is wholly different, like an upmarket expat vibe, cleaner, fancy sushi restaurants, wine bars, hipsters and expert expats. Better if you have a girlfriend, she could leave the house without getting hit on.

Noble Remix is where I’d stay it’s own walkway to the BTS and 7/11 downstairs if I lived there, has. Can get a 1 bed for $700. On Suk road in order to immediately obtain a taxi to lower Suk, skip the traffic on Soi Thonglor itself.

There clearly was undoubtedly an overload that is stimuli there haha. On the other hand you might probably avoid most of that just by utilising the rent cost savings to buy some fitness equipment and to purchase everything to you ( so that you don’t need to go outside just as much). Nobel Remix appears nice t . Not that hard to obtain girls over since it can be so near the BTS. Then again I’m certain Thai girls are acclimatized to taking Baht bikes and won’t head, especially if you pay. To not turn this into a property posts (maybe Harvest the comments do that later on, but what about Phrom and Asok. Why don’t more individuals live down there. It’s closer to the fun, but possibly far enough out to be less seedy?

I don’t like Asoke, smog that is worst from the intersection there that has constant traffic jams and cops that target foreigners for drug searches (I don’t do drugs however it makes me uncomfortable being targeted for “random” queries).

Phrom Phong and Thong Lo are near sufficient. The foreigners living you will find mostly rich thais and japanese expats whose organizations pay for those crazy rents.

The one you linked is cheap as it has a shitty view. It is possible to probably deal it straight down by 20% in the event that owner is seeking to hire it any time in the future, although rich thais often won’t budge so that it will depend on your luck.

G d units at Ashton Morph have unobstructed views that are green imgur /2ybBdjD

Sukhumvit 24 the most walkable streets in the area (appropriate pavements so you can actually walk in the place of taking taxis or motos) and it has some quality that is high high priced condos.

The value that is best there is certainly probably Lumpini 24, that will be affordable unlike other condos on the road. You can bargain the 30k units down to 25k.

Ya I’d prefer Phrom Phong, closer to the parks (Benjasiri and Benjakiti) and soi 24 has Addict massage, pro tip ask for the 45 mins 1700 baht rate that is not in the menu, and get for Nadia. FS GFE