Fulfill your ‘Seoul’ mate: 3 Korean apps for all stages of the love life

Fulfill your ‘Seoul’ mate: 3 Korean apps for all stages of the love life

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The entire world offers plenty of ways and places by which to fall in love. France has wine and relationship. Italy has got the Lady plus the spaghetti that are tramp-style. And Korea has smartphone apps.

Relationships in Korea develop exactly like relationships all over the world. You meet some body, go on a couple of times, and determine you would like one another, and before long, you’re walking along the aisle. But even though many of us find social support systems equal components creepy and addicting, three Korean startups are hooking individuals into placing the life-cycle that is entire of relationship on the net.

I-UM, Between, and MerryMarry, placed end-to-end, cover the scope that is entire of relationship, from finding one another (I-UM) all of the method to when you’re prepared to get hitched (MerryMarry). The 3 aren’t also linked regarding the business front side (yet), however with their powers combined, they get to be the perfect trifecta of techy love that is korean.

I-UM is just a dating application that delivers users a unique potential partner every twenty four hours. Founder Hee-eun Park told VentureBeat that she brands this match as your “24-hour fate.” Such as for instance a dating that is regular, people put up a profile and fill in information such as for instance title, age, task, profile photo, passions and hobbies, schools they went to, as well as other items that your personal future significant other may choose to understand.

Then, every day at 12:30 pm (Korea time), the application fits you with another individual and provides you with that match. From there you check always their photo out and bio and determine if you’d like to “pass” or if perhaps these are typically “okay.” In the event that you choose “okay,” it’ll cost $3 (unless you’re from the $15 monthly plan), without any guarantee that your particular match will accept you. You are able to just exchange email address if both people choose “okay.”

When you’ve dated somebody, you are able to rank them for a scale of just one to 10, which I-UM’s algorithm looks at whenever matching see your face once again. You can see your rank that is average you’re going to possess to spend to get it done.

To date 400,000 individuals make use of the application, which will be available on both iOS and Android os. The organization makes around $250,000 a thirty days but presently just suits korea. Park intends to go close to other markets that are asian beginning with Japan.

Now let’s say you’ve found your” that is“destiny and ready to start out a relationship. It’s time for you to move on to the app that is next.


Around is a couples-only application in that you along with your significant other can digitally canoodle in the shape of private status updates, photos, chats, calendar activities, and much more. In essence, it is a myspace and facebook just for the both of you. The dating for political adults company’s founders, Edward Lee and Jaeuk Park, state their objective would be to make Between a relationship status icon in Korea, just like the method a promise band is indicative of the relationship that is lasting the U.S. to them, around is a spot to truly save the memories of the relationship on a schedule that you could scroll through whenever nostalgia strikes.

The application, that is available on Android os and iOS, recently hit 1 million users and it is continuing to include brand new features. This can include a general public room where partners can discuss such things as where in fact the most useful date-night destination is and which concert halls have actually the make-out corners that are best. Around may quickly provide printed books that are photo a small business model — one of many things the organization remains finding out.

Imagine if you split up? you have got two choices. You can delete your relationship and get back to I-UM for many more “24-hour fate.” Month or you can take a break and then return to your Between relationship, as the app will keep your data alive on its servers for one.

But on it, it’s time to move on to MerryMarry if he likes it and he wants to put a ring.


“I think after making use of Between it might be a rather good clear idea to proceed to MerryMarry,” said co-founder Amy Min in a job interview with VentureBeat. “It’s like planning to a new stage of life.”

As soon as the wedding bells are ringing together with church choir is performing, it is time for you to begin preparing your wedding on MerryMarry. This fledgling software is theoretically perhaps perhaps not really a company that is koreanit’s included in Delaware), though its founders come from Seoul. The app’s main feature lets you add guests to the app and distribute invitations to the wedding in these early days. The software then organizes who can go to; if they want chicken, beef, or seafood; and in case these are typically bringing a plus-one.

You are able to talk to your bridesmaids and buddies regarding the application, upgrade household to your modifications because of the wedding, and plan events prior to the marriage like the bachelorette celebration and shower that is bridal. Min told us the application will let all your eventually visitors simply just take day-of photos, that may then offered as wedding records, although for the time being that function is certainly not yet available.

Min desires individuals to utilize the software not just as being solution to prepare the marriage but in order to keep family and friends informed until the end of this honeymoon. partners can share images from their exotic getaways through the software. Possibly it is good that your particular Grandma Ethel does not understand how to work a smartphone so she can’t judge you for putting on that skimpy swimwear.

MerryMarry came out of beta this thirty days and therefore far has 1,500 users. It really is presently just available on iOS devices.

Then you’re officially out of the dating stage, done more than promised life-long love, and may even be passed the newlywed phase if you’ve made it this far. What’s left for your needs? Well, it is most likely good Facebook recently added a “baby’s coming” status upgrade choice.

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