Brand new reaction rates one of anyone is actually similar for the for every single nation (not found during the dining table)

Brand new reaction rates one of anyone is actually similar for the for every single nation (not found during the dining table)

It actually was more prevalent you to definitely Swedish youngsters was cohabiting or hitched, got youngsters, or which they advertised a sexual orientation aside from heterosexual, than the Dutch peers

As a whole 1096 (616 Dutch and you will 480 Swedish) students participated in the research, a reply speed off 94% throughout the Netherlands and you can 93% during the Sweden (Dining table 2).

The brand new students’ years varied from 16 so you’re able to 50 years (Meters = 21), this new Swedish children was indeed older than the newest Dutch (Meters = 23 ages instead of Yards = 19 many years) in addition to decades duration are huge during the Sweden. There are a lot more girls people in both products however the preponderance of women was considerably more pronounced in the Netherlands, in which in the 70% of your members (and qualified children) have been ladies. In Sweden plus the Netherlands new ratio off youngsters having a father or mother created abroad try brief, plus one another regions the fresh new low-indigenous parents had the supply in many european countries, Asia, North america, South usa and you can Africa (not found into the dining table). The brand new parents’ amount of degree was highest during the Sweden compared to holland while the distinction try particularly large amongst the Swedish and you may Dutch mothers. Concerning the parents’ doing work updates, a huge variation was also receive amongst the mothers. A lot of the latest Swedish people had complete-go out functioning moms and dads nevertheless the most frequent one of the Dutch are that mothers did region-go out.

The outcome for the Letter-GAMS presented significant differences when considering Dutch and you may Swedish students to the every three subscales in contrast because of the ANOVA (Table 3). The new Dutch students claimed highest sex awareness, i.e., that they had high scores into the GS subscale. Dutch pupils as well as had a top rating as compared to Swedish college students for the GRI-P and you will GRI-D subscales, exhibiting you to Dutch pupils stored much more intercourse-stereotypical perceptions towards both dS results to have male and female pupils, a distinction was on the GRI-P size, where the men youngsters displayed so much more stereotypical thinking than just girls students. No extreme communications effects was in fact found. The new suggest beliefs on subscales indicated that Swedish females youngsters encountered the reduced philosophy on the GRI-P, i.e., it expressed the least stereotypical thinking on customers. Afterwards showed up the newest Swedish male youngsters, Dutch females college students last but not least the new Dutch men pupils. The brand new mean beliefs towards the GRI-D subscale displayed an equivalent pattern. The brand new Swedish women college students decided minimum of as well as the Dutch male children concurred the most which have stereotypical contemplating female and male medical professionals.

When exploring perhaps the socio-social records parameters were linked to outcome on the GS, GRI-P and GRI-D, linear regressions stratified by country were used. In this design (Table cuatro) years was important for GS in places, with earlier youngsters rating high, we.e. are much more sex painful and sensitive. Father’s country from birth had an impact on GS from the Dutch shot, we.e., Dutch college students with non-native dads was basically less sex-painful and sensitive. The students’ gender are high to your consequences on GRI-P in both regions, but told me so it get to help you a heightened the total amount regarding Netherlands compared to Sweden. When you look at the Sweden, earlier pupils together with indicated smaller stereotypical considering people. Mothers’ training was the most significant factor in our model one of many Swedish college students, and you will students that have intermediate- otherwise higher-educated moms and dads disagreed even more having stereotypical considering clients and you will physicians than did students having reasonable-educated moms and dads.

Although not, while the indicated from the Roentgen dos in the Desk cuatro (degree of reasons), contained in this design the new socio-cultural variables didn’t contribute much into the consequences to the Letter-GAMS.


The new Dutch and you can Swedish scientific students differed during the gender sense and you will shown extreme differences in consequences with the every about three Letter-GAMS subscales. Dutch pupils reported high sex awareness even so they together with expressed a great deal more gender-stereotypical thinking on patients and you will medical professionals. There are differences between anyone into the stereotypical thought, and also in each other regions women youngsters disagreed a whole lot more with stereotypical comments about customers. The fresh trend is actually that Swedish female students shown at least stereotypical thought, followed by Swedish male people, Dutch women people ultimately this new Dutch men students. The fresh students’ many Fort Lauderdale Florida best hookup apps years got certain affect lead both in places, dad’s nation from beginning is associated with gender sensitivity one of the Dutch children, and you will mother’s knowledge was linked to stereotypical thought among the Swedish children.