After he fails to conquer New York (and Midgard, generally speaking), he swipes the Tesseract and — after having a brief yet hilarious pit stop in Mongolia — winds up in the possession of of the Time Variance Authority.

After he fails to conquer New York (and Midgard, generally speaking), he swipes the Tesseract and — after having a brief yet hilarious pit stop in Mongolia — winds up in the possession of of the Time Variance Authority.

The TVA, which acts a trio of beings called the Timekeepers, monitors the timeline that is sacred ensure absolutely nothing disrupts the events the Timekeepers have condoned And Loki using the Tesseract and escaping captivity by the Avengers positively qualifies being a interruption. Throughout the episode he’s arrogant, power-hungry, selfish, and snarky… but he’s also smart, self-aware, and possibly a g d small sympathetic. Simply speaking, also though he’s a “variant,” he’s still the Loki fans know and love, and it’s exciting to see their journey on Disney+ begin.

A God Will Not Plead

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As is explained to Loki by way of a cute little clock that is talking Miss Minutes (voiced by Tara Strong), he’s a “variant,” which means he didn’t do exactly what he was expected to do, now his existence has messed up the schedule. But Loki, being Loki, hasn’t taken kindly to such a thing the TVA has done to him since they t k him into custody — not asking him to signal documents to confirm everything he’s ever said in his life, perhaps not removing his Asgardian armor and changing it having a beige jumpsuit, and most certainly not forcing him to hand on the Tesseract to a desk clerk. As he arrives at the place where he’s meant to “stand test” for his crimes, he’s more than indignant — he’s arrogant and brash. “How do you plead?” asks Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Loki reacts in the most way that is loki “A god doesn’t plead.”

Obviously, the specific situation doesn’t improve after that. Loki attempts to utilize his capabilities, which don’t work with the TVA, Judge Renslayer is forced to find him accountable, and then — shock! — Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), a real estate agent regarding the TVA, makes their voice heard. He offers to simply take Loki and question him.

Loki’s Greatest Hits

Mobius and Loki are fun straight away, utilizing the former expressing their encyclopedic familiarity with the second we get the “Well, I don’t like talking,”/”But you do like to lie, which you just did” scene from the trailers) as they travel to the interrogation r m (this is where. Better still are the particular interrogation scenes, which could have recap of their own; Mobius asks Loki about what he’ll do if he gets out of the TVA (he’ll guideline over Midgard, then Asgard, then a Nine Realms, as he thinks is their right) & most significantly, whether he enjoys harming people. Some of his “greatest hits,” all of which involve torturing and hurting people through the TVA’s Time Theater he plays Loki. Additionally enjoyable this can be a introduction of a device that l ps time only for whomever is using the TVA’s control collar, meaning that when Loki gets a touch t furious or tries to leave, Mobius can back zap him right to where he’d been seconds earlier. Sweet afrointroductions app. We additionally learn that in one of Loki’s all-time great escapes, he had been D.B. C per. Because he destroyed a bet with Thor. Also nice.

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Don’t get Anywhere

But through Loki’s moping and metaphors and haughtiness that is overall Mobius makes a g d point He’s the Jesus of Mischief, but what he’s doing isn’t mischief at all — it’s causing harm and suffering and fear. And all Loki’s suspicion and self-righteousness of this TVA comes crashing down whenever Mobius begins showing him glimpses of their future. He moves ahead in his life to Thor The Dark World, where Loki watches himself inadvertently lead the Dark Elves straight to their adoptive mother, Frigga (Renee Russo) instead of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). He’s shaken as he watches her die and demands Mobius simply tell him where “they’re maintaining her,” but they don’t have her — what he’s just seen could be the future, and more pain and suffering he will cause.

For the first time in the episode, there’s a glimmer of who Loki will eventually become as he wipes away tears after watching his mother perish. Plus it’s then, when it seems Mobius might be able to get through to him, that they’re interrupted; a TVA representative requires Mobius’ assistance, which means he has to leave Loki alone for the bit. “Don’t go anywhere,” he tells Loki as he heads out the home, which actually allows you to wonder if he understands Loki half along with it appeared like he did.